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Bush Park Camping Resort

.724 Bushy Park Road
.Deltaville, Virginia 23043 United States

Received from a 55 year old male RVer from Richmond Va on Sunday, January 23, 2011:
"Bush Park , Va - We are new campers to Bush Park in Hatfield Va. It is a great place that has seen lots of improvements in the last two years. The owners wife has taken a real liking to the place and is responsible for many of the improvements over the last 2 years since we have been coming there. The main roads have been paved, the inlet is dredged and open. Many new campers have been located in the park and the old ones have gone. We first visited friends during the 2009 camping season and decided we wanted to locate there. After looking we found a good deal on a new camper and identified a lot with the help of the management. We moved in during april 2010 and really like our neighbors. Unlike many other campgrounds the amenities and activities except for a dock are included with the rent. Docks rent separately. We keep our boat in the field and launch it at the ramp when ever we want. The activities are a blast for kids and adults alike and this place has lot's of them every month. We especially like the holiday events and the saturday night dances. "

Received from a RVer on Saturday, February 23, 2008:
"Bush Park Camping Resort, VA - They call it a "resort", why, cause it is a last resort to camp there. We were suckerd in right before spring. We are seriously considering selling this year. Let me keep this as short as possible...1) Rules that are listed are only for those not in the managers click 2) campground is owned and managed by the same company, not a good mix 3) Way too many drunks, yes drunks not people unwinding on the wekend, i am talking about at 0700 already finished half a fifth 4) they also operate thier golf carts in a very unsafe manner 5) tons of promisses, but none are acted upon 6) dirty and unkept 7)they have boat slips and a channel to the river, It IS in their deed that is registered in the county courthouse that they must maintain the channel, it has been unuseable for the last 2 years 8)management is unapproachable and uncaring, along with own ers 9) bottom line, not a safe place for a family, and def. not a place for a family with any kind of morals, it is a common sight to see young teens in the 13-16 age group driving a golf cart (against the rules) and smoking and drinking, we even saw one group at one of the dances smoking a ummm not a cigarette... "

Received from a RVer on Thursday, August 17, 2006:
"Bush Park Campground , Virginia - We just recently come to Bush Park from Grey's Point Campground and we are very very very pleased with the change. We had heard so many negative things about Bush Park that we were kind of thinking about not persuing the change but after visiting a few times we realized that it was very nice. So we decided to give it a try. The activities are wonderful and the people are nice there are lots and lots of kids there and my children really like it there. When we realized that Grey's Point had done more like paved the roads and put in another pool and got rid of old old old campers that look bad we thought we might want to go back but my children are devistated by that decisions. If Bush Park would just do something about their roads and all that dust and get rid of the campers that aren't being used they would be way better than Grey's Point. But even the way they are, we love it there !!! "

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