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Error Correction

If you manage an RV park, and your property's entry on RVShark.com contains a factual error, please bring it to our attention by emailing us at service [ a t ] rvshark.com. Be extremely specific as to the exact factual error that you have identified.

Examples of factual errors are a wrong zip code, a misspelling, or the misidentification of a property.

As an opinion-based website, RVShark.com may publish some reviews that do not please some campground owners. However, our editorial policy is fair and clear, and we follow it faithfully. RV park owners are free to invite RVers to submit opinions to RVShark.com.

We take any communications sent to us by campground owners extremely seriously. We may publish or otherwise disseminate them, and park managers are advised to use language that reflects that potential.

There is zero opportunity to influence RVShark.com's reviews through payments, advertisements, or any other consideration. Parks that wish to advertise on the RVShark.com homepage may do so here.
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