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RVShark.com is the world's most-trusted RV park reviews website.

We serve RVers with our collection of candid, RV-written campground reviews. Since what we publish directly influences what RVers buy, as well as the fortunes of RV resort owners, we're principled. Here are the four rules that govern our editorial process:

1. Our editorial process is separate from our advertising activities. We do accept advertising from RV dealers, realtors, and insurance companies, but we don't allow such orders to influence our editorial process.

2. A valid review comes from someone who actually stayed at the RV park or campground that they're writing about.

3. We don't use reviews by professional RV industry journalists. While these people can have good insights and experience, their conflicts of interest often eclipse what they have to offer us.

4. We ignore reviews whose writer's principal purpose is to vent. Excessive giddiness, or gratuitous profanity, meets with our suspicion. We take seriously opinions that are thoughtful, specific, and sincere.

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